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California Baby Eucalyptus Ease Shampoo & Bodywash (8.5fl oz / 251ml)
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BRAND California Baby
Expiration 12/01/2022
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• Allergy tested
• No gluten, soy, oat or dairy
• No synthetic fragrances
• Contains certified organic and sustainably grown ingredients

Product Description

Breathe it in!

California Baby® Eucalyptus Ease™ Shampoo & Bodywash’s refreshing and restorative eucalyptus aroma will soothe spirits in children of all ages.

This tear-free formula combines natural, sulfate-free cleansers with pure aromatherapy essential oils, working to clear the mind and senses.

Enriched with certified organic calendula and formulated especially for sensitive skin, this gentle, all-over cleanser is perfect for the whole family.

New or Removed



New ingredient

hydrolyzed (extracted in water) quinoa

Adds strength and shine to hair. Non-gluten protein.

New ingredient

xanthan gum USP*

Natural gum adds thickness; USP purity.

New ingredient

brassicyl isoleucinate esylate and brassica alcohol (conditioning waxes from the cabbage plant family)

Green Chemistry ingredient that is enzymatically processed, a very simple and eco-friendly way to process. Conditions hair.

New ingredient

cetearyl olivate and sorbitan olivate (olive)

Olive-based emulsifier, in the same class of fatty acids such as cetyl alcohol.

Tocopherol (vit E)

Substituted with new ingredient: rosmarinus officinalis leaf extract (rosemary) antioxidant

Antioxidant. Most vit E comes from soy or egg; we specified ours from coconut, the supply of which became unreliable, so we found this fabulous extract from rosemary. This is NOT rosemary oil, but an isolation of the anti-oxidant property. It is very concentrated, so we do not have to use a lot to get the desired affect. Anti-oxidants protect oils from going rancid.

New ingredient

phytic acid (rice source)

This is a booster to our non-biocide preservative system. Very gentle and non-irritating.

Capryloyl glycine and undecylenoyl glycine

Substituted with new ingredient: caprylhydroxamic acid (amino acid) (and) glyceryl caprylate

These new ingredients are from the same class of amino-acids  and they are naturally derived from coconut. Used in creams and lotions.

Substituted with new ingredient:  gluconolactone (corn) (and) sodium benzoate.

Approved by Ecocert for use in organic skin care. Excellent safety profile for skin care. Sodium benzoate has a superior safety score on the cosmeticsdatabase.org. Used in washes and bubbles.


Salix alba (willow bark)

Requested by customers with salicylate sensitivities; not vital to the formula, perfectly fine to remove.


Citrus Seed Extract (grapefruit)

Requested by customers with citrus sensitivities; not vital to the formula, perfectly fine to remove.


Bentonite clay (powder)

Utilizing kaolin clay USP as the sole moisture absorbing ingredient

New ingredient

Rice concentrate (powder)/organic

Added for soothing properties. Organically grown and processed.

Safflower oil

Substituted with new ingredient:  Organically grown canola oil

Unsteady supply of safflower oil that met our specifications. Utilizing organic canola oil produced in a single item facility to ensure no cross contamination with nuts.

New ingredient

Organically grown flax seed oil

Added to massage oils; rich in essential fatty acids; produced in a single item facility to ensure no cross contamination with nuts.


United States Pharmacopeia (USP)

Denotes highest level of guaranteed purity. Pharmaceutical grade.

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