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My Dentist Choice Tooth Tissues (Soft 30 wipes)
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Expiration 11/01/2019
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• Helps to prevent cavities
• Created by 2 dentists for their kids
• With Xylitol-Proven to fight cavities
Product Description
Tooth Tissues are disposable dental wipes that were created when our daughter would fall asleep drinking her bottle - much to our horror as 2 dentists!!! Tooth decay is the #1 chronic disease of children, it is on the rise, but preventable. Every dentist and parenting book will tell you that baby teeth should be wiped after every feeding. As a parent, this was not so easy especially in the middle of the night. So we created Tooth Tissues, disposable dental wipes that are 99% natural for all babies and their overwhelmed parents. You might even like them for your own teeth between brushings! Tooth Tissues may be used from birth to promote healthy habits that will last a lifetime.
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