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Tiny Love 3-in-1 Rocker Napper (Red, 0+ months, 18 kg max.)
Price $129.99$69.97
Discount Event Price $62.97 ($100 over 10% DC)
BRAND Tiny Love
Expiration This product has no expiration date or the manufacturer has not provided an expiration date.
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Shipping Weight 19.9lbs
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  • Rocker easily converts from seat to napper
  • Soothing movements rock baby in all 3 reclining positions
  • Reclined pad (169 degrees) with raised borders
  • Stylish design - brown, red, beige
  • For infants 0+ months, up to 18 kg in weight 
Product Description
The Rocker Napper features gentle rocking movements and vibrations that can help soothe baby and develop body sensation and control. Parents can control the level of stimulation by activating or deactivating the product’s various features.

Reducing Stimulation
If your baby seems uncomfortable or restless, try reducing the level of stimulation and examine baby’s reaction. Let baby enjoy the hanging overhead toys without the music & lights feature or the vibrations and gradually try introducing the additional features. 

Increasing Stimulation
If your baby seems uninterested or bored, increase the level of stimulation while monitoring baby’s reaction. Rock the Rocker back and forth, add the vibrations and draw baby’s attention to the dangling toys. 

Did you know?
Some babies love vibrations while others don’t. When you first use this feature, monitor baby’s reaction to establish which it is.

Due to shipping restrictions, this product will be shipped on the following SATURDAY, regardless of when your order is placed.  A slight delay in delivery can be expected; customers will be notified if other matters occur. Please be patient with us. 
Supplement Facts

1. Rocker Napper's versatile seat offers 3 reclining positions. The middle position can help babies who suffer from reflux digest with ease
2. Seated position allows baby to enjoy playing with electronic toy that plays a selection of 9 tunes suited for play or rest.
3. Excellent angle for feeding babies.
4. Flat pad (169°) with raised borders make for a cozy napping environment.
This product has no expiration date or the manufacturer has not provided an expiration date.
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