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Crystal Light: Lemon Decaf Iced Tea, 6 packets
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Expiration 04/27/2020
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  • 5 calories per serving; 6 packets make 2 quarts each; total of 12 quarts; 99.9% caffeine free; low sodium; Gluten free; kosher
  • 90% fewer calories than leading beverages.
  • Natural flavor
  • Powdered soft drink mix
Product Description

Water has never tasted so decadent. With a medley of delectable flavors, Launched in 1982, Crystal Light puts a bold spin on “diet drinks” and introduces you to a lighter way to live. Create a delicious refreshment with our mixes - whether you and your 4-inch heels are turning sidewalks into catwalks or you’re meeting the ladies for an after-work gossip session. So let that hair down, put on that mini skirt and enjoy low calorie, zero guilt Crystal Light.

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