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Mauna Loa Maui Onion & Garlic Macadamias, 10 oz (283g)
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BRAND Mauna Loa
Expiration 05/01/2021
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  • Quality macadamia nuts
  • seasoned with maui onions and garlic
Product Description
Macadamia nut world No.1 brand. Mauna Loa from Mauna Loa island of name in the Hawaii Island is using the nuts of excellent Hawaiian of quality. Garlic powder and onion powder is fragrant aroma is a taste-catching after. Foods containing nutritional ingredients 28g per amount of heat 220Kcal, protein 2g, lipid 23g, carbohydrate 4g, sodium 170mg attention soybean
  • Ingredients: including macadamia nut, onion, garlic
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