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Artnaturals Vitamin C Toner, 8oz / 237ml
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BRAND Artnaturals
Expiration 01/01/2019
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  • Vitamin c treatment: natural toner with orange peel, cranberry, lemon, bilberry and tea tree
  • All natural vitamin c, antioxidants, and moisturizers combined in one toner
  • Combat the signs of aging: cleanse & purify skin while shrinking pores
  • Mist face after washing, evenly applying prior to cosmetics or ointments
Product Description

Toning is a crucial, yet often overlooked step.

This step adjusts the PH of the skin and removes any remaining oil and dirt from the skin.

Rich in vitamin C, this toner packs a punch in the fight against free radicals.

The antioxidant levels of this toner brings a perfect balance to any skin regimen.

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