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Nordic Naturals Complete Omega Junior, 180 softgels
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BRAND Nordic Naturals
Expiration 10/01/2020
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  • Complete Omega Junior provides optimal support for optimal brain and eye development and maintenance
  • It also promotes enhanced learning ability, memory, wellbeing, and a more positive mood and focus ability
  • Complete Omega Junior is ideal for kids age five and older
  • It has a delicious lemon flavor
Product Description

Essential fatty acids, especially omega-3s, are important for the healthy growth and development of your child. Omega-3s are found in large amounts in different fish, and if your child doesn't like fish, it may be difficult to get them to eat it. Rather than fight it, why not give your child an omega-3 supplement instead?

Complete Omega Junior from Nordic Naturals is a great-tasting chewable that delivers the essential fatty acids your child needs for optimal overall health and wellness.

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