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Sunfood Raw Organic Berry Adventure, 6oz / 177ml
Price $15.09$11.99
Discount Event Price $10.79 ($100 over 10% DC)
BRAND Sunfood
Expiration 01/01/2020
Availability Out of stock
Shipping Weight 1.0lbs
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  • Nutritious Mix 
  • Raw, Organic, and Non-GMO
  • Goji Berries, Golden Berries and Cashews 
Product Description

Fuel your adventures with this nutrient-packed, flavor-bursting trail mix! 

Full of vitamin A, magnesium, protein, Vitamin B, copper and healthy fats, Berry Adventure is an energizing and irresistible snack your whole family will love.

Sweet, juicy goji berries mixed with tart and tangy golden berries along with creamy, hand-cracked cashews create a perfectly balanced, health snack.

This raw, organic superfood mix will quickly become one of your favorite options!

Ingredients: Organic raw goji berries, organic raw golden berries, organic raw cashews
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