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Therabreath Fresh Breath For Dogs & Cats, 16 oz / 473ml
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BRAND TheraBreath
Expiration 07/01/2021
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Shipping Weight 1.2lbs
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  • Specifically for pets
  • Easy to use. Just add to water.
  • Instantly stops pet bad breath.
  • Safe and gentle for pets to use
  • Recognized by Veterinarians to solve pet's bad breath
Product Description
The ingredients in TheraBreath Fresh Breath & Healthy Gums Water Additive for Dogs and Cats have been recognized by veterinarians to effectively reduce plaque and tartar in animals. Use one to three times a day to solve your pet's bad breath and help improve their overall oral health. This formula, specifically for PETS, is based on patented TheraBreath oxygenating technology. This oral solution will instantly alleviate your pet's bad breath at its source. Dr. Katz developed this safe, flavorless, oxygenating solution specifically for pet bad breath, cleaner teeth and healthier gums. TheraBreath is the #1 best-selling mouthwash on Amazon for people. And Dr. Katz has always said “Pets are People too!”
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