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Emergen-C Energy+ Gummies Orange Zest, 30 Counts
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BRAND Emergen-C
Expiration 04/01/2021
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  • Each bottle contains 30 Emergen-C Energy+ Gummies Dietary Supplement in natural Orange Zest flavor
  • Yummy, gummy supplement for men and women for enhanced energy – caffeine plus 250 mg of Vitamin C, three B vitamins, antioxidants zinc, and manganese*
  • Focus your mind and revitalize your body with natural caffeine from green tea*
  • Flavored with natural, real fruit flavors, vegetarian and also gluten-free
  • Customize the amount of energy that’s right for you, with 2 or 4 gummies
Product Description

Try NEW Emergen-C Energy+ Natural Orange Zest flavored Gummies with natural caffeine from green tea for every day energy.* Emergen-C Energy Plus is a dietary supplement with naturally sourced caffeine to focus your mind and revitalize your body.* The “plus” in Emergen-C Energy+ is for the mix of 3 B vitamins to replenish your body, plus immune-supporting antioxidants Vitamin C, zinc and manganese.* We also used natural, real fruit flavors for deliciousness, in addition to natural caffeine from green tea. Emergen-C Energy+ Gummy Supplements in Orange Zest flavor is a delicious and fun way to enhance your energy and tackle any busy day. You can even customize the energy that meets your needs with 2 or 4 Energy+ Gummies. These delicious orange-flavored gummy energy supplements are a breeze to pop in your purse or gym bag and take with you on-the-go – no water needed. Emergen-C Energy+ Gummies are gluten-free, vegetarian and only use natural sweeteners. Feel the Good and keep your head in the game with Emergen-C Energy+ Gummies.

(2) Antioxidants include Vitamin C, Zinc and Manganese

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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