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Fuzzy Brush Chewable Toothbrush, Cool mint (10ct)
Price $9.99$7.29
Discount Event Price $6.56 ($100 over 10% DC)
BRAND Fuzzy brush
Expiration 06/01/2020
Availability In stock
Shipping Weight 1.0lbs
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  • No toothpaste or water required - just chew!
  • designed & developed by dentists
  • Contains 95% pure xylitol - 100% sugar free
  • 10 x brushes per pack
  • Flavour - cool Mint
Product Description
Fuzzy Brush is a unique 'all in one' chewable toothbrush and breath freshener designed by dentists. All you have to do is place the soft mini toothbrush in your mouth and chew just like a piece of Gum... the results are amazing! while chewing the natural action of brush cleans your teeth as you manoeuvre it around your mouth and sugar free xylitol is released to freshen your breath... quick, easy and very effective! no toothpaste or water is required so you don't have to rush to the nearest sink. A Fuzzy Brush will leave your whole mouth feeling clean and fresh-no fuss, no mess! discard Fuzzy Brush responsibly after use.
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