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Colgate Wisp Coolmint Brushes With Beads, 4ct
Price $3.99$2.49
Discount Event Price $2.24 ($100 over 10% DC)
BRAND Colgate
Expiration 09/01/2020
Availability In stock
Shipping Weight 0.1lbs
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  • Anytime anywhere
  • Whitens teeth by removing surface stains
  • good for travel 
  • Sugar free
  • No water or rinsing necessary
Product Description

This pocket-sized mini-toothbrush brush delivers the freshness of gum and the clean of a toothbrush in one effortlessly portable device. Its built-in, sugar-free cool mint bead easily dissolves and delivers a rush of minty freshness while the bristles gently remove food and other particles. A soft pick at the handle base of this disposable toothbrush removes food particles from any hard-to-reach areas. No water or rinsing is necessary!

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