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Dr. John's Inspired Sweets Tooth Shaped Lollipops Fresh Fruits Collection (16oz. / 473ml) (6 set)
Price $113.94$69.99
Discount Event Price $62.99 ($100 over 10% DC)
BRAND Dr. John's
Expiration 10/01/2019
Availability In stock
Shipping Weight 10.0lbs
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• Sugar free Tooth shape Lollipops
• No Artificial Sweeteners

Product Description

Candy Good for Your Teeth - It’s Possible!

Dr. John’s Lollipops come in a delicious, kid-friendly assortment of fruit flavors featuring watermelon, strawberry, peach, green apple and pear. These sugar free gourmet lollipops come in a variety of package sizes, so if you’re looking to try a xylitol lollipop for the first time or looking for dental lollipops to stock at your practice - we have an option for you!

Supplement Facts
Nutrition Facts 
Serv. Size(18g)

Ingredients: Polyglucitol, Xylitol, Citric Acid, Natural Flavors
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