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Colgate Wisp Peppermint Brushes With Beads, 4ct
Price $3.49$2.99
Discount Event Price $2.69 ($100 over 10% DC)
BRAND Colgate
Expiration 04/01/2021
Availability In stock
Shipping Weight 0.3lbs
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  • Disposable mini toothbrush for a just brushed clean anytime anywhere
  • Single use travel toothbrush
  • Clean & Freshens on the go
  • Sugar free toothpaste
  • Great mint flavor
Product Description

Get clean teeth and fresh breath on the go with the Colgate Wisp Mini Brush. This pocket-sized brush delivers the freshness of gum and the clean of a toothbrush in one effortlessly portable device. Its built-in, sugar-free peppermint bead easily dissolves and delivers a rush of minty freshness while the bristles gently remove food and other particles. This brush offers effective plaque removal due to the soft bristles that gently work along your gum line. No water or rinsing is necessary. A soft pick at the handle base of the disposable toothbrush removes food particles from any hard-to-reach areas. The brushes are ideal for travel or keeping on hand in purses, totes, backpacks and more. The Colgate mini brush can be used after coffee, before a date, in the car or any time you want to make a good impression.

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