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Gustus Vitae Taste of Morocco, 1.2oz / 35ml
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BRAND Gustus Vitae
Expiration 11/01/2021
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  • FLAVOR NOTES – A spicy, robust blend of warm and complex flavors, bringing an authentic North African taste.
  • ARTISANAL SEASONING – Add distinctive flavor to meats, lentils, beans, and more. Or use to make a marinade or sauce. Our gourmet seasonings transform simple dishes into signature plates.
  • CRAFTED IN SMALL BATCHES – To guarantee the quality of each of our seasonings. We value your taste and want to give you the best.
  • NUTRITION INFORMATION – No MSG, all natural, no artificial colors or flavors, and not irradiated or treated with ETO gas. Contains no gluten, soy, dairy, wheat, corn, or nuts.
  • CONVENIENT STORAGE – The bottom of the tin is magnetized, so you can keep it within an arm’s reach and simplify the cooking process. Adheres to most fridges, ovens, hoods, BBQ’s.
Product Description
Morocco is now as close as your kitchen. A spicy, robust blend of warm and complex flavors, the Taste of Morocco brings the flavors of the tagine to your kitchen. Use generously to impart authentic, rich flavor to meats like chicken, beef, lamb and pork, or breath life in classics like hummus, couscous, lentils and bean dishes. Taste of Morocco is also wonderful as a marinade or sauce: combine a generous helping with a cup of sour cream, coconut cream, cream cheese, or mayo for an instant dipping sauce.
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