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Dr.Brian Vita Gummy Vitamin C&D, 90 Gummies
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Expiration 02/01/2020
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  • Dr. Brian
  • Vitamin Gummy
  • Vitamin C&D
  • Natural orange flavor
  • Vitamin C 240mg / Vitamin D 360IU 
  • 90 Gummies
  • three Gummies per day
Product Description

Dr. Brian VITA Gummy Vitamin C&D!

The normal Structure and maintenance of the connective tissue.

Absorption of iron, Protection of cell from free radicals

Normal absorption and utilization of calcium and phosphorus

Normal structure and maintenance of bones 

Supplement Facts

Glucose syrup, Sucrose, Purified water, caster Sugar, Gelatin

Sorbitol, Apple Juice concentrate, Orange juice concentrate, Ager

Natural Orange Flavouring, Beta- carotene


For Adult and Children ages 4 and over

chew 1 to 3 gummies daily.

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