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Kellogg's Disney's Frozen 2 Breakfast Cereal, Original with Olaf and Leaf Marshmallows 12.5oz / 370ml
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Expiration 10/01/2020
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  • Kellogg's cereal
  • Good for breakfast
  • Disney Frozen 2
  • Olaf, Elsa & Anna!
Product Description
Go on a breakfast adventure with Kellogg's Disney's Frozen 2 Original Breakfast Cereal—this fun and delicious cereal is loaded with Olaf and Leaf-shaped marshmallows inspired by the movie. The multicolored leaf marshmallows reflect the Fall and frost depicted in the film, while soft white marshmallows and marshmallow carrot noses can be put together to build your own Olaf right at the breakfast table. This cereal also provides a good source of 7 vitamins and minerals to help you get a great start. Not just for breakfast, Kellogg's Disney's Frozen 2 Cereal is a tasty and nutritious addition to any meal or snack any time of the day.
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