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StarBucks Hot Cocoa Tin Marshmallow, 10oz / 296ml
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BRAND Starbucks
Expiration 04/01/2021
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  • Starbucks® Hot Cocoa
  • creamy-smooth
  • rich and totally satisfying
  • 10oz
Product Description
Starbucks toasted marshmallow cocoa is rich, velvety cocoa with decadent bits of real dark chocolate blended right it, with a fluffy, handcrafted marshmallow minis mixed inside. Inspired by customers' favorite Starbucks coffeehouse beverages, this high-quality, premium package of 8 envelopes of 1 ounce servings is a perfect on-the-go hot cocoa. Unlike other brands, we use approximately 40 percent cocoa, making it the #2 ingredient in our offerings. The cocoa is made with high-quality, premium ingredients that are ethically sourced with sustainable practices. Just like coffee, Starbucks cocoa was designed to ensure a long-term supply of high-quality, ethically sourced cocoa while contributing positively to the environment and to cocoa-farming communities.
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