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Germ-X Alcohol Free Foaming Hand Sanitizer 7 fl oz. / 207ml
Price $9.99$3.99
Discount Event Price $3.59 ($100 over 10% DC)
Expiration 08/01/2021
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Shipping Weight 1.0lbs
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  • America's #1 Sanitizer
  • Kills 99.9% of germs in 15 seconds
  • alcohol-free
  • foaming hand sanitizer
Product Description
Fight germs with this fast acting powerful formula. Our foaming hand sanitizer helps kill harmful germs while it moisturizes and is gentle enough for everyday use. With a fresh scent, this 7-ounce bottle is perfect for on-the-go. Keep one with you in your bag or in your car so you can fight against germs during the cold and flu season no matter where you are.
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