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Evolution Co, Himalayan Gourmet Pink Salt with Ceramic Grinder, 4oz (113g)
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  • Regulating water content throughout your body;
  • Promoting healthy pH balance in your cells, particularly your brain cells;
  • Assisting in generation of hydroelectric energy in your cells;
  • Boosting absorption of food particles in intestinal track;
  • Supporting respiratory, sinus, blood sugar, blood pressure and vascular health;
  • Prevention of muscle cramps;
  • Promoting bone strength;
  • Regulating sleep;
  • Supporting libido.
Product Description

Salt is the most basic, and likely the most essential seasoning we use. But, it is so much more than just a way to season our food. The proper balance of salt and water in our bodies is critical for good health. Common table salt has been heated, refined, minerally extracted, and has little to know value to the human body. Evolution Salt Co, on the other hand, extracts all-natural pink crystal salt, rich with 84 trace elements, the elements our bodies need and crave. Whether cooking great steaks, seasoning fresh veggies, or adding a little dash on your morning eggs, you can't beat the raw perfection of Himalayan pink salt.

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