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Loacker Quadratini, Bite Size Wafer Cookie, Cocoa & Milk, 8.82 oz(250 g)
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Expiration 06/01/2022
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Shipping Weight 1.0lbs
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  • Loacker Wafer Cookies
  • No artificial flavorings
  • No added colors
  • No preservatives
  • No hdrogenated fats
Product Description

Strong & tender - the original cube shaped flavour combination

When opposites are combined, completely new flavour combinations are created. The contrast between dark cocoa wafers and light-coloured milk cream has a strong attraction which nobody can resist.The intense taste of five light, crispy wafers forms a union with the tender flavour of four layers of delicate, high quality Loacker milk cream filling, offering an original taste sensation, strong and tender at the same time.

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