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Daelmans Jumbo Stroop Wafels Chocolate-Caramel, 8ct, 10.23 oz (290 g)
Price $6.99$5.99
Discount Event Price $5.39 ($100 over 10% DC)
Expiration 02/01/2021
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Shipping Weight 1.0lbs
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  • Cube box with 8 Jumbo Chocolate Stroopwafels
  • The Stroopwafels have a diameter of 9 cm / 3.54 in
  • Vegetarian
  • No Artificial Colors or Flavorings
Product Description

Discover the tempting layers of our chocolate Stroopwafels. A delicious crunchy chocolate Stroopwafel filled with a smooth caramel syrup made with authentic Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar. The syrup filling of the chocolate Stroopwafel is identical to the syrup filling of our original caramel Stroopwafels. But the wafer tastes like chocolate. Is this Stroopwafel already one of your favorites?

A Cube Box contains eight jumbo Stroopwafels, so they are just a bit larger than our regular Chocolate Stroopwafels in Hexa Box. You can also order the jumbo chocolate Stroopwafels in a value multi pack with eight Cube Boxes.

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