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Manukora Raw Manuka Honey Sachets, 2.4oz / 71ml
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Expiration 09/01/2021
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  • Multifloral Certified
  • Raw Manuka Honey
  • MGO 100+
  • Non GMO
Product Description
  • AUTHENTIC RAW MANUKA HONEY: With its medicinal properties and health benefits, Manukora MGO 100+ multifloral, non-GMO Mānuka honey is nature's greatest gift to support everyday wellness.
  • MGO CERTIFIED: All Manukora products are MGO certified.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: All of our raw Mānuka honey products are produced in our HACCP certified honey facility in New Zealand. We operate an industry-leading traceability system which allows you to trace your product from hive to hand. This unique identification system provides you the test results and origin of every product and ensures that every Manukora product you receive is authentic.
  • TAKE NATURE WITH YOU EVERYWHERE: This convenient on-the-go format allows you to take Manukora Manuka honey with you anywhere. Manuka honey is one of natures superfoods with many health benefits including: A natural and healthy energy boost for that afternoon slump, when you’re out biking, walking or just commuting. Perfect for lunch boxes, and gym bags as well as a better for you alternative to sugar!
  • THE MANUKA EXPERTS: Manukora produces a range of natural, non-GMO Mānuka-based products with a focus on multi-functional benefits and quality of ingredients. We provide you with a variety of Mānuka options to optimize your wellness and make you feel nourished, engaged and supported because of our uncompromising commitment to help you get the most out of your day.
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