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Ora Sol Food Vegan Vitamin D Supplement, 30 Organic Tablets
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Expiration 02/01/2023
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  • Vegan Vitamin D
  • USDA Organic
  • Supports bone and immune health
Product Description

Healthy immune system

Vitamin D has several important health benefits, with fortifying bone health and maintaining a healthy immune system being the most well-known.

**Adequate amounts of Vitamin D **also regulate the absorption of calcium and maintain healthy phosphorus levels in the blood. Without enough vitamin D, it wouldn’t matter how much calcium you ate to keep your bones strong because vitamin D controls the absorption of dietary calcium.

Vitamin D deficiency

Although being deficient in Vitamin D is common, it can also lead to a whole host of health problems.

Deficiency can trigger symptoms of chronic fatigue and achey bones while research has also shown that Vitamin D plays an important role in combating depression and helping to protect against getting the flu!

Third-Party Tested for Quality

We make products that are undeniably clean – so that you and your families can trust you’re getting the highest-quality nutritional products on the market.

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