Referral Rewards Program

About the Referral Rewards Program
After a new member signs up with Vitatra through the Referral Rewards Program, he/she may enter the code provided by the existing member which will sync the two accounts.
The new member will receive $5 off his/her first order instantly. For the existing member who referred the new member, he/she will receive 3% of the new member’s purchases
in Vitatra Credit for a year.
Referral Rewards Program
Referral Code
When signing up with Vitatra, the member will be granted a personal “Referral Code” which, when shared with a new member, will then link him/her to the new member.
Through this link, the new member will receive a $5 discount on their first purchase. The existing member will be rewarded for recruiting the new member by receiving 3% of
new member’s order value in Vitatra Credit.
  • - Referral Codes is alphanumeric, consisting of 3-4 letters and 3 numbers
  • - You may confirm your code by going to My Account > Account Info , My Account > Credit History
VITATRA Referral Code
Vitatra Credit
Vitatra Credit can be earned through the Referral Rewards Program, events, promotions etc. and can be applied to Vitatra purchases at checkout along with other payment

Credit are categorized under sections as listed below:

  1. 1. Referral Rewards Credit : Credit earned through the Referral Rewards Program (code and link)
  2. 2. Promotional Credit: Credit earned through Vitatra operations such as special events and promotions
  3. 3. Redeemed Credit : Credit that have been used and are no longer available
  4. 4. Rescinded Credit : Credit that have been revoked/cancelled due to order cancellations/refunds/violations of terms and conditions
  5. 5. Expired Credit : Credit that are no longer available for use because they were not redeemed before expiration
  6. 6. Available Credit : Credit that are available for use
  7. 7. Pending Credit : Credit that are currently archived and awaiting approval; not available for use
  8. - You may manage and view your credit usage by going to My Account > Credit History
Terms of Use
One code is generated per member. If the code is duplicated in an illegal attempt to accrue more Credit, the administrative staff and personnel bear the right to suspend the member and rescind all Credit. (Termination of offender’s account, probation, or further legal actions will be determined by the company and administration).
Referral code will be available to customers who ordered more than once.
We distinguish the new/existing members based on our internal policy system.
Acquired Credit become available after 23 days in holding once your order has been completed.
Acquired Credit must be used within 180 days from the purchase and Credit will be expired after 180 days.

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