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Wedderspoon 100% Raw Manuka Honey KFactor 16, (17.6 oz) (500g)
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Expiration 01/01/2026
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  • 100% raw manuka honey from Wedderspoon
  • Unpasteurized honey
  • Product of New Zealand
Product Description
Wedderspoon sources some of the world's finest, raw, mono flora honeys from the pristine pastures and rugged mountains of New Zealand south island. The unique south island climate produces many remarkable honeys exclusive only to New Zealand and Wedderspoon. Being aware of the wide spread colony collapse disorder crisis, our bee keepers use sustainable and labor intensive bee keeping practices to promote healthy bee hives and to increase and maintain the bee population. 

Every batch of honey is tested for pollen purity and is traceable back to the hive, which guarantees the consistency of all Wedderspoon products. All our artisanal unpasteurized honeys are RAW meaning that they have not been heated. Raw honey is important, as this ensures that the natural bee enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and activity present in raw honey remains unaltered, intact and are not destroyed during packaging. 

 All our honeys are tested to ensure they never contain chemical residues and antibiotics. Look for our 100% Organic Raw Manuka Honey Wedderspoon Gold in glass jars!                   

This premium honey is rich not only in taste, but packed with  complex sugars, proteins, amino acids, organic acids, vitamins, flavonoids, and other naturally occurring compounds. Always raw, unpasteurized and GMO-free. Our best selling product is sure to quickly become a versatile staple in both your panty and self-care regimen.

KFactor 16 indicates that 75% of the honey is guaranteed to contain pollen grains that are specific to the manuka flower. 
Raw Manuka Honey
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