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GNC Probiotic Complex - 25 Billion CFUs, 30 Vegi Caps
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Expiration 08/01/2021
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  • Clinically studied multi-strain formula for daily probiotic support
  • May provide digestive & immune support
  • Multiple strains of live, active probiotic cultures
  • Prebiotic FOS
  • Guaranteed potency through expiration date
Product Description
Daily Need - 25 Billion Cfus Clinically Studied Multi-Strain Formula For Daily Probiotic Support May Provide Digestive & Immune Support Why Gnc Probiotic Complex 25 Billion? Multiple Strains Of Live, Active Probiotic Cultures Prebiotic Fos Guaranteed Potency Through Expiration Date No Refrigeration Necessary Gluten Free Lactose Free
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