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Twinings Black Tea Variety Pack, 20-count
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BRAND Twinings
Expiration 01/01/2024
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  • Black Tea
  • Variety Pack
  • Total 20 tea bags
Product Description
Indulge yourself and your guests with four expertly blended Twinings classic black teas. English Breakfast is a fine black tea expertly blended with Kenyan & Assam teas to deliver a traditional tea with a rich taste and satisfying aroma. Medium strength Earl Grey is fine black tea perfectly balanced with the distinctive flavour of bergamot, a citrus fruit. Lady Grey is black tea perfectly blended with the citrus fruit flavours of bergamot, orange and lemon. Irish Breakfast black tea is expertly blended to deliver a full-bodied tea with a robust taste and hearty aroma. This package contains a total of 20 Twinings tea bags that are individually wrapped to ensure and maintain freshness.
  • For more than 300 years, Twinings and tea have been one and the same. No other blender combines such a rich history with a depth of flavors, aroma and expertise than Twinings.
  •  At Twinings we believe that everyone has the right to a decent quality of life and to be able to provide for themselves and their families. Twinings aims to buy from the best estates, both in terms of quality and social standards. We work to enhance livelihoods, enable life opportunities and improve living standards for communities in our supply chain.
  • Whether it's a refreshing black, soothing green or flavorful herbal, we are sure we will make your teatime well worth every sip.
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