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BioGaia Prodentis For Gums And Teeth, 30 Mint Flavored Lozenges
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BRAND Biogaia
Expiration 12/01/2022
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  • BioGaia dental probiotics promote healthy teeth and gums
  • Lactobacillus reuteri Prodentis helps maintain balance in the oral microbiota
  • Probiotic lozenges fight gum disease, reduce plaque, and freshen breath
Product Description

BioGaia Prodentis is a probiotic designed to promote healthy teeth and gums, freshen breath, restore and maintain balance in the oral microbiota, and improve oral health.The L. reuteri Prodentis probiotic in BioGaia has been clinically shown to help improve oral health, and has the potential to modify the oral microbiota and help with dental caries and periodontal disease.BioGaia Prodentis is safe for use with aligners, bridges, dental crowns, dentures, veneers, orthodontic devices, and sleep appliances.Contains 30 mint flavored probiotic lozenges.

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